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12 Major Scales
(free scale sheets)

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flute scale sheet
oboe scale sheet

bassoon scale sheet
clarinet scale sheet

alto sax scale sheet
tenor sax scale sheet
bari sax scale sheet

violin scale sheet

viola scale sheet
cello scale sheet
bass scale sheet

trumpet scale sheet
horn scale sheet

baritone b.c. scale sheet
baritone t.c. scale sheet
trombone scale sheet
tuba scale sheet

percussion scale sheet

There are really only three scales sheets linked above: treble, bass and alto clef.
They are written without a time signature, and with doubled and tripled octaves.
Performers can choose which octave and rhythm to use.

I use this transposition matrix to help my ensemble students know which concert scale we're playing.

Click on the matrix to download a free PDF.  You are free to copy and distribute it, but not to modify it.

To use the sheets with an ensemble, give each member a copy,  teach them "concert keys" and have them pencil in the concert name of each scale.  In my bands and orchestra, we start with concert C and play through to concert G.  This means that the Eb instruments start on written A.  Bb instruments start on written D.  F instruments start on written G, and C instruments start on written C.  Each student also numbers their own sheet.  Concert C is scale number one.  Concert Bb is number three, and so forth.

When I call a scale I say something like "Let's warm up on concert Db - long pause - which is scale number six."

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