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There are really only three scales sheets linked above: treble, bass and alto clef.
They are written without a time signature, and with doubled and tripled octaves.
Performers can choose which octave and rhythm to use.

I use this transposition matrix to help my ensemble students know which concert scale we're playing.
concert transposition matrix
Click on the matrix to download a free PDF.  You are free to copy and distribute it, but not to modify it.

To use the sheets with an ensemble, give each member a copy,  teach them "concert keys" and have them pencil in the concert name of each scale.  In my bands and orchestra, we start with concert C and play through to concert G.  This means that the Eb instruments start on written A.  Bb instruments start on written D.  F instruments start on written G, and C instruments start on written C.  Each student also numbers their own sheet.  Concert C is scale number one.  Concert Bb is number three, and so forth.

When I call a scale I say something like "Let's warm up on concert Db - long pause - which is scale number six."
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